How I Found My PRECISE Number with Profile by Sanford

When we start health journey's these days by ourselves we hear a lot of different ways to diet, from family and friends, even from social media. How many of us have watched the endless YouTube videos or IG streams trying to figure out our "macros" and how many carbs we can have? I know I have and I'm sure others have too! But with Profile by Sanford, I don't have to worry about this anymore!

I always figured I was bad at processing carbs, and actually it turns out it's the complete opposite. Thanks to Profile and my coaching team I was able to take the Profile Precise test and see where I stand. So what is Precise? Let's dig in!

First, you take the DNA test. It comes in a box that's ready to ship out, you take apart the swab and container, rub the swab on your inner mouth for a couple seconds and place it back in the container. Give the solution a little back and forth and send it off. The results come back in 6-8 weeks (mine felt more like 4 weeks) and then talk with your coach about your results. The test reads how many copies of a specific gene you have to process carbs. This tells you and your coach how to best add carbs back into your diet (or not) depending on how many counts of this gene you have. Now, the Precise part of Profile doesn't really come into play until Phase 3 (Adapt) where you're learning more and more about what foods you can eat outside of the plan. However, it's a great tool for learning. So you want to know my results?

I actually have 16 copies of this gene so I can process carbs pretty well! Great news for me because I'm a chips and salsa girl. But what this really taught me was that I can have carbs as I move into Phase 2 & 3 and not feel horrible as long as they are healthier carbs and in moderation. Let me tell you, this test has me looking at carbs different. I'm making better decisions on my carbs and even though I'm on about 25% of my daily diet being carbs as I move into those next phases, I'll go up into about 45% carbs (yay!). Again, Profile for me was always about showing my daughters what HEALTH is and healthy eating and thanks to Precise and it's results, I can now do that in a way that allows me a ton of freedom.

Worried you might not have the same results as me? That's okay! Some people have less of the genes to process carbs but that's where Profile steps in to help you adapt your lifestyle to fit that need for your body!

Remember, this is a journey to a lifestyle, not just a diet and there's so much Profile by Sanford can help you find out about yourself and where you want to be. If you are thinking of joining Profile, use code PENNY50 for 50% OFF your yearly membership and PENNY20 for 20% OFF your weekly food!

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