I can't believe I've been on Profile for two months! This doesn't even feel like a "diet". I've even been telling my girls I'm not on a diet anymore, I'm just trying to make healthy lifestyle choices and the shakes are just apart of that. I don't want my girls thinking they have to be on a diet in today's culture and honestly, I don't think I'm on a diet. It does feel like I'm just doing better and that's all that matters.

So here we are, going into week 10 of my journey and I wanted to update you on where I am. Also, there's a LOT going on with Profile with Black Friday and the holiday's approaching so I want to highlight that because most of it is FUN!

As of my two month mark, I am down 21 lbs and 8.55 inches overall from my body, which is insane but the best part is I'm down 5.7% body fat which makes me really happy! I genuinely feel lighter, no headaches, my moods seem more balanced and I'm just thankful for this process. I'm not perfect and I've had days that I've messed up but that's what I love about Profile. It's not just about the mess up, you can fix it, one bad day or one holiday meal doesn't derail your entire journey.

Well now that you know how I'm doing on this journey, why aren't you hopping on it? Black Friday is the best time for the deals in the stores but why not give yourself the gift of healthy with Profile by Sanford? Check out these awesome deals below:

Starting November 24th Profile by Sanford prices are $399 Yearly Memberships or $199 Initial & $39/month thereafter (month to month contract).

Membership Includes: 1 on 1 Coaching Precise DNA Test Smart Tracking with Smart Body Scale & Homelink Bridge Journey Book Blender Bottle

Local Monthly Meal Prep/Cooking Classes

Profile's Black Friday weekend is Nov 29th - 30th & Dec 2nd and the deals are: $199 Memberships (w/ monthly recurring) + 1 free week of food & 10% off foods in addition. (Black Friday -Cyber Monday only)

And you don't want to miss the Door Buster at the store:

First 45 people in the door get a scratch off card, everyone wins even a CRUISE!

So now that I've explained the deals why aren't you driving to Profile now? And my followers get something extra, remember to use PENNY20 for 20% OFF your weekly food (this deal is only valid through me) so head over to!

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