As some of you may know, just under a month ago today I started my health journey with Profile by Sanford. You can read all about Profile and why I chose them in my previous post.

But, I wanted to give you an update on how things have been going. As of right now, today, it's October 3rd. I started my Profile journey on September 9th, so I'm about 25 days in (depending on if you count a 30 or 31 day month). I wanted to take some time to list my pros, cons and results I've seen so far. I actually go in Friday (tomorrow) for my one month follow up since we did all my measurements and things then so I'll have all those numbers to update this post with after that.

Let's start with the PRO's!

  • I feel REALLY GOOD! Like dieting is usually a hard thing and maybe it was the first couple days but I've found a rhythm and I feel good overall.

  • I'm not as fatigued as I used to be, I wouldn't say I have a TON of energy but I'm definitely not struggling as much as I used to.

  • I feel LIGHTER, it's probably due to less water retention (and weight loss of course) but I don't feel as bloated or heavy anymore which is great!

  • I've lost 11 LBS as of this morning, I'd imagine by the time my 30 days is up I'll have lost 13 LBS total (maybe more).

  • No more headaches! I used to get a lot of headaches and while I did the first couple days due to sugar withdraw it's not been half as bad as I expected.

Okay, the CON's:

  1. I still get hungry sometimes. Again, remember a huge portion in the first phase is "shakes" and "bars". But I have the options to switch out for more bars and things but I do prefer the shakes.

  2. I'm thirsty all the time! I mean this isn't the worst thing in the world but this keto-light diet is definitely a little higher in the sodium world so I'm drinking water a TON.

  3. Might be TMI but the bowel movement side has been interesting (some days it's fine, some I struggle) but I use a Magnesium supplement to help with that.

Now let's talk about the "food". So yes, in the first phase 5 of your 6 meals a day are Profile meals. These consist of shakes and bars. I also have a Fiber drink from them but here is what a typical day of eating on Profile looks like for me:

6:30 AM - Profile Meal Replacement Shake (I like the Strawberry Lemonade in the AM, it's a little lighter which makes it easier to down since I'm not a huge breakfast person).

8:30 / 9:00 AM - Profile Meal Replacement Shake

10:30 AM - Profile Meal Replacement Bar (so far Sugar Cookie and Double Berry have been my favorites)

12:30 PM - LUNCH (now, this is my "big meal" usually, I tend to get creative here. I've done Dos Bros no issues, Chili's no issues, typically I stick to a salad or I go with a fish option)

3:00 PM - Profile Meal Replacement Shake

6:30 PM - Profile Meal Replacement Shake and some sort of fat and veggie (I usually do some cheese and veggies with my kiddos to make it easy). This one has been a blessing because I just have to do the kids dinner for during the week and I don't have to worry about making me something extra, talking about a dishes saver!

Dinner or lunch time is when I typically fit my Fiber drink in, I prefer the Mixed Fruit flavor and since I'm not a HUGE water person, I jazz it up with some crystal light most days.

Over all I've been really happy with my results, my husband is super impressed that it's been easy for me to stick to the plan and be disciplined on it. I'm not saying I haven't made mistakes. I've definitely indulged in chips and salsa on the weekends when we go out to eat but I keep it in check the rest of the week. I'd rather this weight come off slowly than just BOOM, because that means it won't come back as we start to adjust me into a new phase.

I highly encourage ANYONE who is thinking about taking this journey with me to get in touch with my coach Hayley and her team in the Chattanooga Profile office and make sure to use my codes. PENNY50 will get you 50% OFF your introduction rate and PENNY20 will get you 20% OFF your weekly food!

I can't wait to see what my 2nd month with Profile is going to bring!

**Profile Sanford is compensating me for this publishing. However, that does not hinder my feelings on the plan or my experience and I will be honest about both.**

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