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Back in 2014, when I had Caleb, that was probably my healthiest pregnancy. They always say boy pregnancies you don't gain a lot of weight like you do with girl pregnancies, I'm not super sure that's true BUT I know that I didn't put on as much as losing it after was a little easier, maybe my body was just prepared. After recovering from my third c-section, my husband's employer offered a deal for a cheaper plan with a huge gym in our area called American Family Fitness. We joined in, mostly because they offered 3 hours of daycare so I could actually get in a workout, or rest while someone else was helping with the baby for no extra fee.

In the beginning it was just going and walking on the treadmill but little by little that turned into tracking my macros (I'll do a separate post on that later), lifting weights and really taking care of myself. I went from 248 pounds, the heaviest I'd ever been to 189 lbs. and I felt good, my anxiety and depression wasn't gone but it was in a much better place. I felt better I knew I'd never be a size 0 or 2 but I was okay being back in a 10/12. I used some great apps to get me there but I was in the gym once or two a day, we'd go in the morning while the girls were in school and someone could watch Caleb but then I'd go again and work out with my husband in the evenings. I got on a routine and it worked. BUT then we moved, and we moved again, and I lost my support system and the gym wasn't a nation wide chain so I just got off track.

Fast forward and today is DAY ONE! I've decided I'm ready to be in a better place, not just for me but for my girls. It's hard for girls these days to find a healthy balance and self-image. I want to show them they can be healthy, live a good lifestyle and make good food choices without being restricted. When Profile Sanford and I started talking we thought this was the perfect fit for me and them. So over the course of the next year I will be keeping you updated on my journey with Profile. From my food choices (part of the plan is working with their meal replacement options), my before and after and ultimately where I end up at the end of the journey. I'm excited to have my coach Hayley help me through this and it's great knowing that once a week she will hold me accountable.

Again, today is Day ONE for me so I've already had my two meal replacements (one shake and one drink), both were flavorful without chalky after tastes. I know there will be an adjustment, I'll probably get a headache but I'm prepared with my Advil and Magnesium. But I'm ready, I'm ready for the change and to see what comes! You can read all about Profile Sanford and their approach HERE and if you would like to sign up use code PENNY50 for 50% OFF your introduction fee and PENNY20 for 20% OFF your weekly food (code valid once a month)! I'm so excited to share this with you!

**Profile Sanford is compensating me for this publishing. However, that does not hinder my feelings on the plan or my experience and I will be honest about both.**

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