Penny is a rockstar! She kept my wedding day running smoothly even with all the minor and major bumps along the way! Shje was awesome to work with and I'd recommend her services for Coordination to anyone! - Hannah Special Bice (Bride)

Penny is amazing and thinks of all the details when planning a styled shoot!  The vendors are all so talented and you can always expect something totally unique to spark your own creativity! Everything is well organized to ensure a well rounded gallery for photographers and vendors to showcase their best work! - Tabatha Price (Photographer)

I've participated as a photographer in several styled shoots orchestrated by Penny.  Her attention to detail and eye for the big picture keeps me coming back.  She creates magic and she's a pleasure to work with.  - Jeannette Turner (Photographer)

I attended a styled shoot that Penny planned and it was incredible!  This was my first time doing something like this and the attention to detail, organization and communication from Penny was spot on.  The event flowed beautifully and I walked away excited and very happy with choosing her to attend my first styled shoot.  I will definitely be working with her again and would highly recommend her to others.  You won't be disappointed! - Katelyn Rose (Photographer)

Penny did my makeup and hair for a styled shoot where I modeled in SO much rain and wind that I should've looked like a disaster afterwards but my hair looked beachy and windswept instead of drenched and my makeup completely stayed put!  She did an awesome job and I would definitely recommend her! - Aylis Jeavons (Model)

I just had my first styled shoot with Penny.  Everything went perfectly. She is an amazing planner and very friendly and personable with so much to offer and a heart for photographers, weddings and romance.  12/10 Highly Recommend. - Chelsea Cagle (Photographer)

Thank you so much for all of your help and support! I wish you the very best in your future endeavors.  There are things that I do on a daily basis as a result of something you taught me.  Thank you!  Your touches, energy and impact have and will continue to so positively impact lives. - Dara Martin (Business Mentor)

Penny is awesome to worth with, she is so creative and dedicated to making an event the best!  We love working with her, she makes our job easy and exciting! - DeAnna Frankline (Owner, Scenic Event Solutions)

Penny is so multi-talented! She is very down to earth and is someone you can fully trust to bring your vision to life. She is incredibly hard working, and I can assure you that you will love working with her, like I have in the past! - Kecia Killian (Photographer)

Penny is the most organized, fun and bright person you’ll ever meet! She also LOVES weddings and will do her very best to make your day amazing! - Katie Mead (Bride & Photographer)

Penny is organized, professional, but first and foremost a lot of fun! I have really enjoyed working with her at my venue and look forward (and welcome) continued collaboration.  I have witnessed a ceremony she wrote and presented which was so tailored to the couple, so intimate, powerful and yet so light and fun! She is an excellent officiant! - Lindsey Miller (Venue Owner)

Penny is attention to detail oriented, improvise skills are amazing and will make your day perfect! - Susan Wallace Hughes (North Georgia Wedding Magazine)

Penny is AMAZING to work with. She has an incredible eye for detail and on top of it with the latest tips, trends and styles! You will love her!!! - Tara Winstead (Photographer)

Penny is fabulous and her creative thinking is off the charts. The way she can bring a vision together is mind blowing. She is also very personable, you feel like you have known her all your life and she treats you like family. Love all her amazing work!- Katie Cox

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